Enrol for 2021

Before seeking to enrol yourself please note the following points carefully. Your registration for our programme shall imply that you do agree with all that is stated below :

  • We enrol students for training them for their Zoology Optional paper for IAS, IFoS and State Administrtive Services Examinations
  • Our medium of instruction is ENGLISH only
  • We provide download links for soft-copy NOTES only, and do not provide any hard copies, or pendrive NOTES or recorded VIDEO LESSONS
  • General communication is via WhatsApp individually (and not in a group), and all study materials are provided through a download link for soft copies. Students send their assignments/test sheets by email and receive our feedback too via email.
  • We have no branches or a college/office building as such, our entire course is conducted ONLINE through the website you’re currently seeing. This is a one-man enterprise, being run by Dr P Kumar, Retired Associate Professor in Zoology from Hansraj College, University of Delhi -with a teaching experience of about four decades.
  • To enrol, please send a WhatsApp message to phone no. 76 78 492 694 simply quoting your name and saying IAS2021 only IF you do agree to enrol after going through the following details provided at this page. Please do feel to call up the aforementioned phone no. and speak to Dr P Kumar directly in case you wish to seek any pre-enrolment clarification. After receiving your message we will direct you to pay your fee as detailed below :
  • Our full course fee is Rs.22,500/- (Rupees Twenty Two Thousand & Five Hundred Only). Before enrolling for our course you may please download these SAMPLE NOTES for evaluating our content quality. If your’re happy with it, you may please remit a REGISTRATION DEPOSIT of Rs,2,500/- (Rupees Two Thousand & Five Hundred Only) using any of the following two remittance modes :
  1. Use PayTM, PhonePay, GPay or the BHIM apps to pay to phone no. 76 78 492 694
  2. Bank Transfer by cash/crossed cheques/DD in favour of :
    Pradeep Kumar
    Savings a/c no. 022701504866
    ICICI Bank, Delhi University Branch
    RTGS, NEFT, IFSC Code : ICIC0000227
  • After receipt of your registration deposit, further twenty five (25) complete MODEL ANSWERS (selected from both Zoology Papers I & II) shall be provided to you via a download link. After satisfying yourself about the content quality of these model answers, you will go on to make the balance payment of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) within 15-20 days  – or latest within 30 days of making the initial registration remittance. Any further delay automatically CANCELS your registration.
  • Please do note that absolutely no component of the fee amounts mentioned above is at all refundable, so please do seek whatever clarifications you need to about any issues bothering you before remitting your registration or the final fee amounts. We repeat, address all your queries via WhatsApp to phone no. 76 78 492 694.
  • Within a week of receiving your full and final payment complete Model Answers for Paper I & II are provided to you via a download link. Please note that we take about a week to provide this download link as it is customary with us to quickly glance through all the NOTES and to incorporate a few changes in some of the listed notes that warrant a quick revision.
  • THIS YEAR  has been a Covid-truncated year in so far as IAS examination schedule is concerned. Even the PRELIMS shall be held on October now, rather than in early June (as is done every year). We are utilizing this delay as an opportunity to UPDATE our Model Answers quite substantially. Therefore our FINALLY  UPDATED NOTES shall now be released as per the following schedule AFTER you have joined the programme by paying the full fees :

Invertebrates : 20th July
Vertebrates : 30th July 
Biochemistry : 10th August
Physiology : 20th August
Cell Biology : 30th August
Dev Biology : 10th September
Genetics :  20th September
Evolution : 30th September
Ecology :  10th October
Biotechnology : 20th October
Ethology, Biostatistics : 30th October

  • Of course the entire schedule shown above is only for students who happen to join us at various points of time, between July and October, 2020. Those who join later shall receive ALL the NOTES via a single download link.
  • After carefully noting all the aforementioned details it is now time for our potential students to have a close look as to how we really go about the task of helping them prepare for their Zoology Optionals. Have a look at our METHODOLOGY & STRATEGY.

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