• Hi folks … you all have basic Zoology background either at undergraduate or undergraduate+post-graduate levels. And, of course, most of you’re keen to opt for Zoology to write your main competitive examination (CSE, IFoS or State Administrative Services). I have absolutely no misgivings about your innate intelligence in Zoology or even your power of comprehension. Fortunately, the optional Zoology paper in these competitive examinations is all fairly SUBJECTIVE. All that seems to count is your comprehension of the questions in the paper, the content of your answers, and the WAY you PACKAGE your answers. And, this is precisely where I intend making a clear difference in your overall Zoology performance. Unfortunately, all IAS or IFoS aspirants either have to study themselves (sans any professional guidance) or have to NECESSARILY join one of the innumerable coaching centers that literally dot most cities. This requires tremendous input of the resources of time & money. I want to save BOTH of these for you. Without making you commute any distances, and without making you part with a huge chunk of your hard cash, I just want you to focus on ‘WHAT I PROVIDE YOU” … no more books to be consulted, nor anymore notes to be made … just focus on my simple resource files and let me test, retest and RETEST you as to how well you comprehend the questions and write the answers. Just that. As a teacher, I would love all my students to succeed. But, alas, it isn’t really possible in a competition … as many many more papers beyond Zoology count as well … and I have absolutely no control over that part of your exam-training. For those heading for IAS, 2021, the total charges are Rs.22,500/- inclusive of FULL Course Material for ZoologyOptional Paper, 2021, and ALL multiple short- and three-hour trial tests in ZoologyOptional Paper from early-August, 2018 till late-October, 2020. If interested, do WhatsApp (with full name) at 7678492694 for inclusion in the GROUP2021.
  • Providing quality readymade notes at one place is just the beginning of our course. We prepare you enough, and test you so often and so hard, that we expect you to score very highly, preferably in excess of +150/250. With our sustained inputs, repeated tests and rigid & reasonable evaluation parameters, such a performance seems very much plausible.
  • Our MODEL ANSWERS provide quality-optimized content (including diagrams) for the entire batch of students enrolled with us. We need our ‘discerning student’ to be able to extract the best out of our NOTES, rather than merely copy-paste our content at the examination time. We stress and strive for quality answer-writing techniques.
  • Our NOTES are just the same textually for all the students, what really matters is how well a student packages the quality content he/she knows about a topic. Civil Services folks is COMPETITION and not just a degree examination where you have to score well and pass. Here you need to OUTSCORE your competitors with a striking packaging of quality textual content that you present in your answers. THIS IS PRECISELY what we train you in. That is, developing an ability to write superior quality answers that let you score way over your competitors.
  • Our ONLINE Course is priced at Rs.22,500/-. Obviously, we have to offer much more than mere RESOURCE MATERIAL. After all no one really buys just a book at such a price. What we offer besides our RESOURCE MATERIAL is indeed quite considerable, and quite unparalleled in the targeted coaching sector.
  • Out package includes at least one annual update/revision of our NOTES (free to all our enrolled students).
  • Besides Zoology, we also help our students in the English Essay paper as well . We have a very special strategy in place for this paper. Again, we expect you to score in excess of +130/250. To attain this, we provide you about 25 CORE essays, each of which enables you to write as many as 5 different essays on related topics – so, in all our essay material enables you to write about 5×25 quality essays on topics fringing the theme of each CORE ESSAY.
  • We know what we are quoting here (in excess of +130/250) seems fairly high  considering  the general scoring trend in IAS examinations. This is precisely the reason as to why we work very hard with a fairly manageable batch (not exceeding 25 students a year) and subject them to rigorous training and all the more rigorous testing programme for almost 15 months prior to their mains examination held in October-November each year.
  • We take your full responsibility, so to say, for the Zoology Optional Paper, and very much the same for the English Essay Paper too. And, being exclusively ONLINE operators, we do THIS on a genuinely pan-India basis. Of course, regardless of where our students enrol from, our medium of instructions shall all through be English alone.

Please follow here the exact process of as to how we conduct our course – the aim is to complete the entire syllabus by December every year … for a batch enrolled during July-August.

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